Pack for Paws

Our family is made up of animal lovers and it is because of this love for our own animals, that we support the wonderful team from the Cluny Animal Trust.  

The Cluny team is made up of only six people, who all work tirelessly by providing much needed veterinary care to animals of the poor here in the eastern Free State. They don’t get any funding from the government or the Lotto and rely solely on donations. Check out their Facebook page and what they are able to achieve (with very little) will astound you 

We at Boschfontein Mountain Lodge support them as much as we can, and that is why we joined the Pack for Paws initiative. It is a simple idea that can make a huge difference as it helps to support animal veterinary welfare. 

If you would like to support Cluny, all you need to do is pick up a few of the items on the Cluny Wishlist (see below) and then use any space you have in your suitcase, car boot or trailer to pack supplies the animals desperately need. 

We will make sure that your donation gets to the Cluny team. It is as easy as that!

 Cluny Animal Trust Wishlist

1. Dog or cat food (it can be tinned food, but dry food is best) – any brand;
2. Dewormers for both dogs and cats;
3. Tick and flea medication and shampoos;
4. Old (or new) blankets and towels (always needed);
5. Any size collars and leads – collars with old-fashioned buckles are best. (Some people
don’t know how to resize the plastic snap ones and this can result in the collar growing
into the skin);
6. Food and water bowls;
7. Toys for dogs and cats;
8. Newspapers, which are used to line the animal’s cages in their clinic;
9. Automatic washing powder (there are always blankets and towels to wash);
10. Rolls of black bags and
11. Any old carrying cages and pets’ beds that you don’t need.